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If you’re searching for a residential irrigation system company in Annapolis, Custom Lawn Systems is Annapolis’s premier irrigation contractor. Our company specializes in irrigation systems and we are proud to have dominated the Annapolis region’s irrigation needs with our expertise and professionalism for many years. We offer our customers with many irrigation services, including lawn management, lighting and water management.

When our team sits down with you to set up a plan of action for your lawn, we’ll take many factors into consideration. Important factors that we’ll take into consideration include: annual rainfall amounts, the quality of your soil, projected water consumption, land and building codes, etc. You’ll be happy to know that our irrigation systems are extremely green and highly energy efficient.

Our irrigation systems have been designed and pre-programmed to meet the needs of your individual lawn type, ensuring proper water coverage for the health of your lawn and to eliminate water waste. We proudly service all types of residential properties, as well as residential pumps, waterfalls, fountains and water features, ponds, and commercial pumping stations.

Custom Lawn Systems Annapolis Residential Irrigation Systems Services Our Annapolis residential irrigation systems services include:

Irrigation: Our irrigation services include complete installation of new energy-efficient irrigation systems, regular and routine maintenance, and repair when necessary. Our systems meet ASTM standards for PVC & HDPE fusion specification. After installation of your new irrigation system, our team will test your system to ensure that it’s up and running properly and efficiently.

Lawn Management: You value the appearance of your property and we value your business, so that’s why we guarantee our customers a beautiful lawn that is also energy efficient with our lawn management services. From water management, energy efficient irrigation systems, lighting, and professional customer care, we have all of your lawn management needs covered.

Lighting: Custom Lawn Systems also specializes in lighting solutions to your newly designed landscaping. Exterior lighting provides illumination to your landscaping, enhancing its appearance 24/7. Our lighting solutions also allow for an added security measure for your home, property and family. Proper lighting means less chance of accidents like accidental falls from tripping hazards, stairs, etc.

Water Management: As the world begins to grow greener, all eyes are on ways to reduce water waste. As you more than likely already know, the world is growing and as the world continues to grow, many places around the world are beginning to suffer with water shortages, including in the U.S. This is why it’s important to preserve our nation’s water. Custom Lawn Systems will help you choose a plan and an irrigation system that will keep your grass covered with just enough water to keep it healthy and lushly green without the waste of water.

To Learn More about Custom Lawn Systems Annapolis Residential Irrigation Systems

Custom Lawn Systems is a family owned and operated business, and we are fully insured, licensed and bonded for the protection of our valued customers. We are Annapolis’s residential and commercial irrigation specialists and we pride ourselves in our expertise and knowledge of irrigation. If you would like to learn more about our Annapolis residential irrigation systems and services, contact us today to request your free estimate. We value your business and look forward to hearing from you.