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As the world’s population continues to grow, the amount of earth’s land continues to shrink, leading to shortages of water. Many parts of the world are already experiencing water shortage crisis’s, including parts of the United States. Because of water shortage issues, it’s more important than ever for homeowners to start planning for water management while keeping their lawns green and lush.

Experts estimate that about 5.3 billion people around the world are going to experience water shortages by the year 2025. That’s a tremendous amount of people, which is why it’s extremely important for everyone to do their part now in preserving our nation’s water supplies by conserving water in any way possible. Efficient irrigation systems allow homeowners to keep their lawns looking beautiful and healthy minus the water waste.

Energy efficient irrigation systems are actually pre-programmed and designed to ensure proper coverage of your particular lawn size and type. Custom Lawn Systems will work with you to carefully and professionally come up with a plan for your lawn, so that your lawn is lushly green and thick without wasting an unnecessary amount of water.

Why should I choose Custom Lawn Systems for my Annapolis water management company?

When considering the services of a water management company in Annapolis, look no further than Custom Lawn Systems. We are a full-service landscaping company who specializes in lawn management, irrigation and water management. We offer our customers with premier landscaping solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.

Our team of professional and highly-talented landscape designers and technicians are excited to serve you in the Annapolis area. In fact, our company is so dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality energy efficient irrigation services that we also have extensive knowledge of the Annapolis region’s particular soil conditions.

Our highly-skilled team can handle any irrigation problem or conditions in this area, even if you own a complex irrigation system. You’ll also be happy to know that Custom Lawn Systems can complete your landscaping projects any time during the year.

Interesting Water Waste Facts

Interesting and important water waste facts to take into consideration:

It is estimated by experts that, in the United States alone, 127% more water is used in comparison to water usage in 1950.

The amount of water that is dispensed from your garden hose or sprinkler equates to a family of four’s daily water usage.

It is estimated by many experts that 50% of water used for landscaping purposes is wasted. Landscaping water waste is believed to be caused by runoff from over-watering a lawn. Evaporation is also a cause of landscaping water waste.

How much water does my lawn really need?

Many people do not realize that on average, your lawn really only needs about an inch of water per week to maintain its health. The water that your lawn needs for proper lawn health includes water from rainfall. It’s also important to consider your lawn type when planning proper water usage. Custom Lawn Systems will take into consideration your lawn type when planning for irrigation, water management and lawn care of your lawn.

If your lawn is of the turfgrass species, you’ll be amazed to learn that 75%-80% of turfgrass naturally consists of water already. One thing that you want to avoid with your lawn is over-watering. Not only is over-watering a lawn bad for the planet, but it’s also bad for your lawn. Let us help you determine how much water your lawn really needs!

To Learn More about Our Annapolis Water Management Company and Services

If you would like to learn more about Custom Lawn Systems Annapolis water management solutions, contact us today to request your free estimate. Our knowledgeable and professional representatives are waiting to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding your water management needs. We look forward to hearing from you.