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With spring in the air and the recent springing forward of the clock, we can’t help to look longingly at the backyard in anticipation of the extra hours of illuminated fun that the warmer months always brings. In addition to the morale boost the longer days affords the mind after months of living cooped up during the winter months, the thought of late night BBQ’s, pool parties, and neighborhood get-together has you looking at your backyard with an entirely new appreciation. As a society, we tend to want what we want, and the quicker we can get it the better. That is why well-informed, light-loving Maryland residents are calling our team at Custom Lawn Systems. We not only deliver great looking lawns, trees, and shrubbery, but also we are the Anne Arundel residential lighting system company that local homeowner’s trust with their property management lighting needs. With our beautiful outdoor lighting plans, you can extend the backyard party as long as you want.

Increase the Value, Use, and Safety of Your Outside Space...

Real estate trends across the nation point to buyers looking for great amenities to seal the deal before signing any escrow papers. Homes that offer innovative uses of space like patios, pergolas, pools, and pathways increases buyer interest and motivations, so providing outside illumination turns the spotlight on all of your exterior improvements. Additionally, lighted pathways, pool lighting, and exterior security lights provide a level of safety and security that ensures that that late night BBQ is not interrupted by a late night visit to the emergency room for a sprained or broken ankle.

Here at Custom Lawn Systems, we have the talents, tools, and team to transform the dark crevices of your backyard into an illuminated showcase of your landscape architecture and backyard appointments. We are the Anne Arundel residential lighting system company that delivers the goods when it comes to beautifying the exterior of your property. Call us so we can see how we can light up your life.

Light Up the Party with Custom Lawn Systems...

You paid for your house and the house came with a backyard, so why not get the most for your money by extending the amount of time you can stay outside with our professional lighting plans. Our exterior lights will provide that element of safety and security you require while providing the nighttime illumination that you desire. Call us at Custom Lawn Systems and find out why we are the Anne Arundel residential lighting system company that Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. residents rely on for professional service. We offer a free, no-obligation quote, and our fully trained, bonded, and insured professional service and installation technicians who believe in treating your property with the respect that it deserves. There is no need to go inside when the sun goes down with our gorgeous array of lighting solutions for the exterior of your home.