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Conserve Water with Custom Lawn Systems Utilizing Custom Lawn Systems Anne Arundel Water Management services helps to conserve water, while ensuring that your property also looks its best at all times. Conserving water is a green solution to a very large water waste problem world-wide. Conserving water with water management also conserves the money in your pocket, because as I'm sure you already know, the more water that you use, the more money you spend.

Another important reason to conserve water is that as population growth continues to grow, it is expected that 5.3 billion people will experience water shortages by the year 2025. Many people around the world are already experiencing this crisis. With that said, everyone knows that you also need water for green lawns. The solution to reducing water usage for lawn maintenance is through efficient irrigation.

Efficient irrigation systems are designed and pre-programmed ensuring proper coverage. Custom Lawn Systems will work with you hand-in-hand to set up a plan of action that will make sure your lawn is thick and lushly green, with minimal water waste.

Interesting Water Waste Facts

In the United States, 127% more water is used when compared to water usage in 1950.

The water from your sprinkler or garden hose is the equivalent to the daily amount of water that a family of four uses.

Many experts believe that more than an astonishing 50% of water used for landscaping goes to waste. This waste is believed to be from runoff which is caused by over-watering, as well as evaporation.

Did you know?

Did you know that most lawns, on average, require about an inch of water per week for proper lawn health? This water may include water from rainfall, or from irrigation systems or from a little bit of both. When your water management company sits down with you to implement a plan for your lawn care needs, they’ll take into consideration your particular lawn type.

The amount of water that your lawn needs for lawn health will depend upon many factors. Factors that determine lawn health may include a combination of geography and turfgrass species, as well. And did you know that an astonishing 75%-80% of the turfgrass plant itself is actually water? Yes, turfgrass needs water for many reasons from nutrient transporting to maintenance and more.

Another thing to take into consideration in regards to water waste and over-watering is also the fact that over-watering may actually hinder the health of your lawn. Again, this is where a professional can assist you in determining just how much water your lawn really needs!

To Learn More About Anne Arundel Water Management Services

To learn more about Anne Arundel water management services, conserving water through green irrigation and saving money while keeping your lawn lush and green, contact Custom Lawn Systems today. You can count on Custom Lawn Systems with residential homes and estates, apartments, hotels, HOA communities, landscape contractors, the Federal government and many more. Custom Lawn Systems wants to help you start saving today, so give them a call.