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There is a pretty good chance that your backyard is about to be reclaimed by the primordial ooze from whence we all came. Either that or your sprinkler system has experienced a massive failure, and is in the process of completely inundating your Baltimore backyard. Before you risk becoming a sinkhole story that goes viral on the national news, you should call the water residential irrigation system company in Baltimore that has a proven track record in repairing, installing, and maintaining residential irrigation systems. At Custom Lawn Systems, we have the expertise to guarantee you fast, efficient service, as well as prompt and ready solutions to your irrigation leakage problems. Any irrigation system that is installed on your property is only as good as the design that went into the system, and the diligent maintenance that ensures it’s running at maximum efficiency.

5 Keys to Efficient Irrigation…

While there are numerous technologies to maximize your irrigation system’s efficiency from Rain Bird rotor sprinklers, which are the gold standard for durable reliability to their irrigation controller technology units, we have the equipment that makes your yard looks great. That being the case however, an ideally functioning irrigation system features design excellence as well as a comprehensive maintenance program that ensures all of the technology is operating at peak efficiency. Towards that end, any irrigation system worth its salt will exhibit these five key features:


A proper design guarantees that each zone of your yard is receiving adequate watering without overlapping that can lead to higher than need water bills or damage to your landscape as one area suffers from root rot while another area becomes barren from lack of water.


Whereas irrigation design is an art form, sprinkler installation is a science. At Custom Lawns Systems we’re experts at getting both the art and the science right. Correct installation is critical to the successful operation of the system for optimal results.

Superior Products…

As they say, a craftsman is only as good as his tools, and the same can be said of an irrigation system installed by our expert technicians here at Custom Lawns Systems. That’s why we only use the finest equipment and parts when we install your irrigation system.

Proper Use…

Once installed, we educate you in the proper use of your system because even the most advanced system will fail to live up to expectations if it’s being used wrong. You will know that you are getting it right as you watch your water bill drop and your plants and flowers grow.

Scheduled Maintenance…

Equipment breaks down and the best way to ensure that you are operating at maximum efficiency is to keep to a scheduled inspection and maintenance routine that will catch those little leaks before they becomes a cash sucking ecological nightmare.

Call Us for Prompt, Courteous Service Throughout the Baltimore Area…

When Baltimore residents need serious irrigation help, they call the Baltimore residential irrigation systems experts that have been delivering beautiful landscaping for years. At Custom Lawn Systems, we’re a family owned and operated business who is well versed in all facets of landscape management, irrigation design and installation, as well as a full range of outdoor lighting options. We’re fully bonded, insured, and licensed for your protection, so you can proceed with the utmost confidence from our free, no-obligation quote for our services to the completion of the job. Give us a call and find out why we’re the leading water residential irrigation system company in Baltimore.