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A home is a huge investment and a source of pride. A home's exterior appearance is the cover of the book which the public sees first, and its curb appeal can make the difference between a welcoming experience or a quick sale.

There are essentially two aspects of your home's exterior -- hardscaping and landscaping. Hardscapes include things such as walkways, patios, porches, and other functional structures. Landscaping encompasses the plants and other living elements in a yard. Unless you choose native plantings or low-water xeriscaping options, any landscaping will require water. And typically not the occasional hose and nozzle approach to watering, either. While that approach is the stuff of Rockwellian images, it's no longer practical for most busy homeowners whose time is stretched thin between work, kid's schedules, and other activities. If you intend to invest in lush lawns or stunning border beds and plantings, you want to assure the yard receives regular and reliable watering.

The best way to achieve this goal is through the use of an irrigation system designed and installed by professionals who are familiar not only with the vegetation you favor, but the climate and irrigation demands in your particular area using the most trusted and reliable brands in irrigation. While it is possible to install your own irrigation system, there are many considerations that need to be addressed when undertaking such a task. The contours of the property, the various types of sprinklers and devices needed for particular plant types, soil properties, controllers, valves, water pressure, local codes, and much more.

When looking to upgrade your landscaping, improve the quality and functionality of an older system, or when designing and building a new home, drawing on the expertise of a residential irrigation specialist is often the wisest option. The professionals at Custom Lawn Systems will work closely with you or your clients to assure a high-quality, custom-designed irrigation plan from start to finish of the project.

Located in Gambrills, Maryland, one such expert in Maryland residential irrigation is Custom Lawn Systems. In addition to irrigation systems, Custom Lawn Systems can provide water management, residential lighting, and energy-efficient systems to boost your home's curb appeal, reduce headaches, and improve the overall quality of your landscaping. Serving customers in Maryland, Virginia, and the greater Washington DC areas, Custom Lawn Systems designs and implements systems for all levels and needs . Many of their customers are landscape designers and architects, as well as homebuilders and landscaping contractors. They are widely respected in the area, and gladly offer customers a free price quote.

Custom Lawn Systems is Maryland residential irrigation company that is family-owned and operated, bonded, licensed, and fully insured to assure to a hassle-free experience. They are experts in local codes and requirements for backflow standards as well as water pressure considerations throughout the region. There is no guesswork when Custom Lawn Systems is at the helm of your residential irrigation needs. Their services are also competitively priced, to give you the most for your money.